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06.17.18 Once Upon A Time: Fathers Can Only Lead So Far (Only Part of Sermon - Sorry.... - Sound Issues)
06.10.18 Once Upon A Time:  Noah
06.03.18 Once Upon A Time: Bible Stories Retold
05.27.18 The Trinity
05.20.18 I come from the Land of the Wind and Fire
05.13.18 The Story of Mothers
05.06.18 Are You Buckled Up?
04.29.18 Can You Hear Me Now?
04.22.18 Good Shepherd Sunday
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04.15.18 Don't Stop Believing
04.08.18 A Look at Thomas
04.01.18 An Unexpected Ending
03.25.18 When They Wanted a King
03.18.18 What you can Learn from the Hulk -Charlotte McLlnay