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05.02.21 What is a Gift? -Ephesians 4:1-16
(S. Heusel)
04.11.21 Life After Death -John 20:19-31
04.04.21 Easter:The Power of Belief -John 20:1-18
03.21.21 The Calf Path -Isaiah 42:16
03.14.21 Look Up & Live -John 3:14-21
03.07.21 Forgiven -Mark 11:25
02.17.21 Ash Wednesday
All participants, even the pastor, were in separate locations - Love this system - Fellowshipping & Praising God in a 'no-travel' snowstorm!
02.14.21 I am With You Always -Matthew 28:20
Apologizing in advance for the sermon audio section - It becomes normal at about 7 minutes with zero changes.....I'm requesting fix instructions from some of those weekend audio pros out there. email me
02.07.21 Welcome to the Commune -Matthew 26:26-30
Past Sermons:  See them soon before they are removed from the site!!!!!
01.31.21 The Legacy of Jesus -Matthew 1:1-17
01.24.21 Follow Him -Mark 1:14-20
01.17.21 Anything Good -John 1:43-51
01.10.21 Baptized in What? -Acts 19:1-11
01.03.21 Living the Celebration -Ephesians 1:3-14
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